Dr. Yair Sharan - Israelian Node

mercredi 4 mars 2015

Dr. Yair Sharan is the director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Technological Analysis and Forecasting (ICTAF). He earned his Ph.D. in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science. He served as Israeli Science Attaché in Germany between 1988–1992. He was a senior consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Science in 1992–1993, and coordinated the relations of the University of Tel-Aviv with the EU in 1993–2003. He was a senior researcher at ICTAF in 1992–2000 and has been the Director of the Center since 2000. He is Co-Director of the Israel Future Society.

Dr Yair Sharan is running the first group which is an interdisciplinary research group active in foresight activities. He is also the co-director of the Israelian node of the MP. The MP is a part-time activity for him.

According to him, the MP is one of the most important prospective projects worldwide. Being for many years the director of the main foresight institutes in Israel, he found immediate interest in the MP and the ability to contribute to it.

Currently, he is involved in the study on terrorism and lone wolves. He cooperates with colleagues in a proposal to NATO and will try to contribute to the future of work.
The main challenge he has concern is, at first, the priority to the security dimension. Topics include the evolution of lone wolf terrorism, the SIMADs phenomena, peace in the Middle East and the future of cyber security. Other current challenges are energy and environment , biosynthesis and the future of 3D printers.

Dr Yair Sharan believes that some important changes in the MP include the extension of its activity to new countries approaching more regions in the world as well as the penetration into international programs especially in Europe.

According to Dr Yair Sharan, in order to extend the impact of MP on the world the program should be even more active in programs like horizon 2020 utilizing its european nodes and its world wide cooperations. Other programs like NATO are also relevant. MP has to utilize its international stength in its full potential and capacity.

Dr Yair Sharan claims that volunteers to MP might be attracted by the opportunity to be exposed to future activities and thoughts and have a task and impact on the world future. Even tough it is naïve, it works sometimes. He wouldn’t depend on this solution, though.

His special interest is on subjects related to the security dimension as well as key challenges.. In the last years he initiated activities as follows : the evolution of lone wolf terrorism, a NATO workshop on lone wolf terrorism with participation of four MP nodes, the future of cyber terrorism including a crowd survey and an expert survey, and finally synthetic biology in the post oil economy.

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