Elizabeth Florescu - Canadian Node

mercredi 4 mars 2015

Director of Research of The Millennium Project. She has been involved since 1997.She is an economist and analyst-programmer with over 15 years of experience in futures research. She has also done extensive work in economic modeling, foreign trade, and diplomacy, as well as in security-related domains. Her expertise is primarily in research concerning democracy, economics, security, international affairs and regulations, ethics, and gender issues.

Elizabeth Florescu is with The Millennium Project since 1997. She is focused on subjects that she consider will have a great impact on the future such has the evolution of global consciousness and strategies to build a truly democratic society, future of work and social structures, etc.
In order to analyze those subjects, she does some environmental scanning, Real-time Delphi, Interviews, workshops and focus-groups.

She decided to be part of The Millennium Project because it’s a network of networks that gives her the opportunity to work with many organizations.

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