FEN featured session at Future Engineering 2016 conference in Poland

dimanche 3 juillet 2016

This event will provide you with the opportunities to search for partners from business and academic sectors (this is a sci-biz conference meaning that all presentations tackle sci-biz collaborative projects) and will result in a number of collaborative projects in the future.

And since the registration/presentation opportunity is open to more participants (also from outside of FEN) to increase the visibility of FEN among Futures Studies communities from Poland and beyond (the session will be held in English with translation into Polish language).

To know more on this event : www.feneu.org

To know more about the FEN activities meeting (Zagreb Forum in May, Futures Engineering - Conference in September in Poland) and at autumn FEN meeting on Wednesday October 5th prior to the VI. Ljubljana Forum on Future of Cities (European Green Capital 2016) : www.ljubljanaforum.org

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