Geci Karuri - Southern Africa Node

mercredi 4 mars 2015

Chair & Director of the South African Node at The Millennium Project. Geci’s interests are broadly in foresight and R&D spanning a range of public policy, development, and innovation issues. She is actively involved in the field of future studies.

The South African Node flagship project is but are also part of a partnership initiative called the Africa Futures Forums that engages dialogue about development and foresight on the continent.
The Southern Africa Node was created by interested foresight stakeholders with a mission to spread the culture of future thinking in the region, deepen expertise in futures among institutions and individuals in Southern Africa and Galvanise and mobilize Southern African experts and networks to participate in global foresight practice, including activities of the global Millennium Project. Their objective is to promote future thinking in South Africa across all sectors with foresight practitioners, futurists, strategists and planners in public, private sectors, civil society and academia.

They believe that the future can be better through conscious action underpinned with the benefit of greater foresight. They believe that Africa can have a brighter future, but there is much work to be done internally and universally.

On occasion, the South African Node has worked with the African Futures Institute, Rockefeller Foundation, UNESCO, among others.

To learn more about Geci Karuri and the South African Node of the Millennium Project :

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