Glossary of systemic and prospective

Auteur : Monsieur Jean-Claude LUGAN - Membre de la section prospective du CESR Midi-Pyrénées, Professeur à l’Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse

Thursday 8 June 2006

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Glossary of systemic and prospective

Author: Mr Jean-Claude LUGAN - Member of the prospective section of the CESR the Midi-Pyrenees, Professor at the University of Social Sciences of Toulouse

This glossary will make it possible all to walk some of the way a bit of a walk to have the keys of new knowledge.

To clarify the elements of language necessary to the comprehension of a prospective step such is the object of this document which the CESR has just published today thanks to work of its prospective section and more particularly of the academic Jean-Claude LUGAN.

To see the etegrality of the glossary of systemic and futurology in enclosure. More on the CESR the Midi-Pyrenees :