In 2050, will gig economy workers answer to robo-bosses ?

dimanche 5 janvier 2020

Futurologists present their vision of the workplace and how to succeed in it.
by Lyndsey Jones November 5 2019 Financial Times

In 2050, it is possible that up to 5bn of the 6bn workers worldwide will be employed in the gig economy and their boss could be a piece of software.

As freelancers, they are likely to be working from home on 20 projects with as many teams or companies. This will increase the importance of collaborative working and professional networks, flattening traditional hierarchies in organisations as most people no longer have a formal boss to help advance their careers.

At the same time, as technology develops, interaction between humans and machines will increase. More basic management tasks, such as checking project progress, will be completed by software, reducing the need for mid-level leaders.

Of the 6bn working population, just 1bn will be in a job we recognise today — but they will complete it with supercharged brainpower,according to Jerome Glenn, executive director of the Millennium Project, a global think-tank of futurists, scientists, business partners and policymakers.He says an elite group of professionals will use a “genius app” to augment their intelligence so they can carry out knowledge-specific roles such as theoretical physics.

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