Jerome Glenn - Washington D.C Node

mercredi 4 mars 2015

Co-founder (1996) and director of The Millennium Project (on global futures research) that gather 55 Nodes aroung the world, Jerome Glenn works since more than 40 years on Global Futures Intelligence System at

From Washington D.C, his work consists at working on the Global Futures Intelligence System, the future of work and technological unemployment ; the next State of the Future Report ; public roles to reduce the threat of single individuals becoming massively destructive. The purpose of futures research is to explore, create and test both possible and desirable futures in order to improve decisions. In order to explore all the possiblities of the future, Jerome Glenn uses futures wheel, cross-impact, environmental scanning, collective intelligence, real-time Delphi, scenarios and state of the future index.

After analyzing the futur, his prospective of the future is that humans will integrate with technology as technology will merge with humans into a global « Conscious-Technology ».

The Millenium Project that he co-founded works on 15 Global Challenges that are facing humanity such as : Sustainable development and climate change, clean water, population and resources, democratization, global Foresight and decisionmaking, Global convergence of IT, Rich – poor gap, Health issues, education, peace and conflict, status of women, transnational organized crime, energy, science and technology and global ethics.
He decided to create the Millenium Project because he was tired of polarized arguments and saw the need for a global system on behalf of humanity rather than a country or ideology or single issue.
The Millenium Project don’t have members but have subscribers to have subscribers to Global Futures Intelligence System at

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