Rosa Alegria - Brazil Node

lundi 13 avril 2015

Rosa Alegria is a co-chair of the Center of PUC-SP Future Studies and director of the Brazilian node of the Millennium Project. She is a Research Director of the Futures Group at the Sao Paulo Catholic University, Executive Director of Mercado Etico, the Brazilian Version of Ethical Markets, a multimedia platform on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, created by Hazel Henderson. She is consultant and facilitator of innovation and change process. She was at initiative to the white paper called “Women Foresight Study” under the responsibility of the Millennium Project. She is a consultant for several business foresight projects too, such as NIC (Shared Intelligence Group), a multi-consumer research studying the future of the consumerism and the Cooperative Advantage as the new frontier of economic development. She represents Latin America in the IFG International Foresight Group based in Germany and also is Latin American research associate of Kairos Institute based in Sweden. She is alslo author principal for The Latinoamérica 2030 : « Estudio Delphi y Escenarios ».

Other project :
She is member of the international editorial board of Shaping Tomorrow, a trends website originated in England. On top of that, she is an media activist : she is a cofounder of the movement “Media for Peace” and she is member of IVOHOPE (Images and Voices of Hope). She writes in the trends newsletter “Radar 21”.

Publications about the subject of the futur / prospecting :
Women in the media : subject and object,
2010s : the consumer of the next decade,
The appreciative perspective of the future (Jornal of Futures Studies),
Living in the country of the future,
The future beyond brands,
Technological flowers : women and technology in the 21st century.
The long-term challenges for women assessed
Developments to Improve the Status of Women

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