Veronica Agreda - Bolivia node

lundi 13 avril 2015

Veronica Agreda is Chair at Millennium’s Project Bolivian Node.
She is also the Chancellor at Franz Tamayo University-UNIFRANZ
The Bolivian Node was established in August 2008 under the auspicies of Franz Tamayo University Node Chair.
They work about Think-tank Global de Investigación Prospectiva.
She was born in Bolivia, hold a Master degree in Building Materials (UTC Compiegne & Ecole d’Architecture Paris la Seine) and an Architect DESA (Diplomée par L’Ecole Speciale d’Architecture - Paris)

As Rosa Alegria, she is an author principal for The Latinoamérica 2030 : « Estudio Delphi y Escenarios »

The futurists researches : Having creative professionals, formed through an education for personal development, with profound service orientation, high technical, scientific and humanistic and can survive and thrive in any environment.

Know more about, Veronica Agreda please checkout the links under :ónica-agreda-de-pazos/4b/b03/97a/fr