Who are us?

Friday 20 May 2005

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Prospective- Foresight Network is an association law of 1901 which aims to promote the philosophy and the use of foresight as an aid to decision making for the future.

Prospective- Foresight Network is intended both for researchers, professionals, citizens of all countries and of all ages interested in the major issues of the twenty-first . Young managers will find methods and tools relevant to ensure and anticipate the future of their industries .

Prospective Foresight Network is the Millennium Project French Node, the first global network of futurists that gathers fifty countries worldwide.

Prospective-Foresight Network exerce also a research and advisory activity among both organizations and leaders.

Our goals

Promoting strategic foresight

The purpose of the association Prospective-Foresight Network is to promote forward with institutions, companies, schools, universities, associations and any public, French and foreign, aware of the advance.

Enhance and develop communication between forecasters worldwide

The association distributes the methods and tools of prospective, values the players and the results of their studies and their actions, informs and promotes the professional community of foresight in France and abroad.

Youth acculturate the major challenges of the twenty-first

As future potential, desirable, and desirable are drawn by visions as well as by the representations of the world made by citizens, Foresight Foresight Network invites youth, privileged actress in the world of tomorrow, to practice foresight. Soon it will be prepared in advance and easily desires are transformed into shared projects. The active participation of youth in prospective studies will allow him not to suffer in the future and become truly involved.

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The office of the Association Prospective-Foresight Network

Saphia Richou - President of Prospective-Foresight Network - Millennium Project French Node
Assistant professor in management at the Higher Institute of Management (ISM), Graduate School of Management of the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines (UVSQ)
Expert Consultant in Strategic Foresight

Evelyne Bertin - Treasurer Foresight Foresight Network
Consultant and Psychoanalyst - EB Transitional Agency

Permanent Contact: Saphia Richou
tel: 06 80 95 20 76
E.mail: saphia.richou@wanadoo.fr

Contact at the Higher Institute of Management (ISM)
University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines (UVSQ)
Saphia Richou
: tel: 01 39 25 50 57
E.mail: saphia.richou@uvsq.fr